Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wacky 57 Chevy I started a while back (work in Progress)

Here are some wireframe renders showing edge flow and surface blends

My 3d Showreel. (Click Here)

Some simple character models I'm working on at Chuck Gammage. I built up an eye rig for the green guy (top) to deform the eyes into different shapes. The eye balls and lids also squish into the body model using a sculpt deformer so they can be moved around the body keeping it chartoony.

(below) another little guy Im working on...

mech (work in progress)

I started building this mech to brush up on my modeling. My goal was to design a mech that could have existed in the steam era. I started by finding photo reference of steam engines and designed parts that could exist in the same world of technology.